Endfire Engineering

Fire Protection Products

We provide and service a range of specialist fire safety systems, equipment and hardware for small- and large-scale buildings and facilities.

Endfire Engineering’s fire safety technicians are trained and familiar with all brands of fire protection products including Chubb, Wormald, Tyco, Viking, Victaulic, Ansul, Flamestop, Notifier, Siemens, Ampac, Pertronics, and Edwards.

We have established long-term relationships with suppliers and can source systems, equipment and parts, enabling timely installation and ensuring the reliability of equipment.


Fire Detection and Occupant Warning Systems

Endfire Engineering sources and supplies a range of fire detection and alarm systems suited for specific sites and facilities. Suppliers include Notifier (Honeywell), Pertronics, Ampac and Edwards. Fire panels, evacuation panels, VESDAs, smoke, thermal and multi-criteria detectors and associated componentry.
fire surpression system

Gas Suppression Systems

We provide a range of gaseous suppression systems suitable for any application. We have designed, supplied and installed these across a range of industries. Brands include the Antec sprinkler system componentry.
foam surpression system

Foam Suppression Systems

The systems we design and install are reliable and can suppress fire quickly, giving you confidence that fire risks are reduced to acceptable levels. For foam systems, foam must be delivered to the fire efficiently and in a controlled and directed manner. Our fire protection design engineers can design a system configuration to effectively combat fire and help you consider the options and decide upon the most suitable solution.

Fire Hydrant Systems

Fire Hydrants are used to supply water to fire and rescue teams and installed under certain circumstances. Endfire Engineering supplies a range of systems including Flamestop fire hydrants.

Fire Pumps and Tanks

Endfire Engineering sources and supplies Skyline fire pumps and tanks for a range of facilities including commercial, retail, manufacturing, industrial, hospitals/aged care and military sites.

Fire Sprinkler and Deluge Systems

Deluge systems are typically used in hazardous environments or where high speed suppression is needed to prevent the spread of fire, or where equipment needs to be cooled. We select and install the system suited to your specific environment and operational needs.

Fire Extinguishers

Our supply of Flamestop fire extinguishers includes options for Wet Chemical (Class A&F), Water Fire (Class A), Foam (Class A&B), Dry Chemical (Class A, B, & E) and Carbon Dioxide (Class B & E).

Vehicle / Mobile Equipment Suppression Systems

Vehicle fires can be caused by a range of factors, a combination of flammable liquids such as oils and petrol, heat, electrical components and exhaust fumes. Vehicle suppression systems are used to prevent or combat vehicle fires for commercial, industrial or military grade machines ? providing protection for people and assets.

Fire Hose Reels

We provide Flamestop fire hose reels and fire hydrant components including nozzles for fire hose outlets, as well as the accompanying cabinets to house equipment. The types of reels may vary depending on the nature of your specific site and we?ll provide the appropriate systems to meet relevant fire legislation.

Emergency and Exit Lighting

Protecting onsite employees and visitors is of utmost importance, and providing systems to facilitate emergency and evacuation is necessary in providing end-to-end fire protection. We design, supply and install a range of emergency and exit lighting systems to support exit and evacuation needs of facilities.
endfire underground fire system

Civil & Underground Fire Systems

We can offer turn key civil works from design, excavation, supply, installation, commissioning and certification of both wet and dry fire systems.